Support the Transformation, the Growth and the Turnaround of your company at an accelerated pace  :
Alpha-Up Key Added Value

To achieve it we focus on the 3 leverages: Agile Management – Growth Hacking – Financing

Our Credo

Transfer the best practices from Startup world to your business and your company.

Key Target : Transform & Grow quicker


Manifesto for Organisation change in Agile Mode ™

We support your projects of turnaround or growth directly or through our partners

Adapting the Agile methodologies to the Organisation Change to ensure a quicker & more efficient implementation with high teams commitments.

An exclsuive methodology developped by Alpha-Up.


Growth Hacking  :
Results only counts

We have adapted these processes & behaviours launched in US in 2010 in technological startups to any other type of business.

ORGANICAL GROWTH : Co-innovation, implementation of new abilities to structurally aggregate external innovation.

M&A : focus on capabilities to sucessfully integrate acquisitions & proactively create pipe.

Alpha-Up support you and commit.


Financing : secure value creation & Cash-Flow

Test & Learn Methodlogies, A/B testing, scenariis, pivoting if needed to secure permanently the maximum added value for your customers.

Target : Maximise the ROI & implement the right tools to manage and follow permanently. Optimize your ability to leverage debt at he right level and right time.

Alpha-Up support you in all these key phases.

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Organisation Change in Agile Mode ™

People and Exclusive Methodology to speed-up turnaround and transformation

Road-Map Up

We set-up new ambitions together : translated into Road-Map Up, with scenarios and clear formalised target to build the proper Gap-analysis.

Transition management

Alpha-Up can directly or through its partners offer you human ressources immediately operational to lead your projects, road-maps & transformation plans

Organisation Change in Agile Mode

An exclusive methodology based on 4 Golden Rules & 7 steps. Soon get the link to the collective book presenting this methodolgy in detail

Line of road Line of road Line of road

Growth Hacking

This methodology used with sucess since 2010 by leading companies like AirBnB, Twitter, DropBox can be adapted to your business & company. 3 key levers to bring you new growth schemes  :

  • Implement a permanent process to aggregate external innovation to deliver quicker new services or offers to your customers.
  • Develop new methodologies spreading into your whole organisation progressively : Test & Learn, A/ B Testing, fail quick, etc
  • structure the right M&A strategy : Integration methodology of the acquisitions to secure sustainability of growth & innovation. Pro-active pipe & lead creation, etc



Alpha-Up Financing

A methodology and tools to ensure the financing of your growth

  • Value Creation for your customers : Our tools and exclusive methodology secure a business plan really Customer Centric pemanently by measuring the customer added value created.
  • Focus Cash Flow : Focus the business Plan on the cash flow to both maximise the ROI of your growth or projects but also identify, simulate the right time and level of debt leverage to support your growth
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Founded by Laurent PROUST Alpha-Up is gathering a partners network.

CEO of Car & Truck After-market retailers and operating leaser  (Up to 450 POS in France & Benelux and up to 2000 employees) for 20 Years, Laurent has lead several acceleration projects (M&A, LBO, strategic partnerships, Financing & Commercial Innovation.) and has been in the last years significantly involved in Digital at European level.

Entrepreneur-minded with a strong financial background (CFO & controlling positions for over 10 years) he is today dedicated to Alpha-Up to develop & accelerate growth.


  • Founding member of SMAVA association (Multi Brand Car Aftermarket services) within CNPA.




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We are always available to listen and discover new projects. Don’t hesitate to contact us through the online form and we will get back to you soon!